Album: Yes! I'm Bleeding (2014)

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Song: Oily Girls

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Period Bomb is a riot-girl type post-punk/no-wave/mutant-pop band that formed out of the garage-punk art scene in downtown Los Angeles. They have now relocated to Miami, FL where they hope to keep recording and playing wild noise shows in peace until the next gentrification-inspired migration of real art-punks, where ever that may take them. Personally made videos, online radio shows, fashion items of all sorts, buttons, stickers, zines and lots and lots of DIY tours are all part of the Period Bomb movement, spirit or life-style if you will. There are incredible, talented females that have either recorded with or performed with Period Bomb spread out all over the cuntry and they are always open to engaging and enraging more in any way!

'Yes! I'm Bleeding!' was their debut EP which many have called a classic, in several reviews available under the "Reviews" section of
They took those songs, with almost no money in their pockets, and 'Period Bomb'd" 33 states with them in 2014.

With even more energy, frustration and momentum than they've ever had before, they took all their inspirations, challenges and crazy drama from that perma-tour and poured them into 'Ovary Acting'.

'Get Off Me Sweaty Boy' is a tongue-in-cheek, post-punk diddy dedicated to the incredible musician boys from Snow Wite (Andy and Aaron) who put them on their very first tour, jumped into tight punk-girl clothing and stepped in on bass and drums so that Period Bomb and Snow Wite could keep touring together for much longer than the original bassist and drummer's day-jobs would allow. "We all acquired a bratty and flirty but sarcastic attitude with each other right away and almost immediately, this song was formed. The four of us [Cami, LP, Andy and Aaron] had an iconic-ally explosive chemistry together." says singer Cami Alvarez.

" 'Run Runaway' [coming this January!] was a simple little tune we came up with describing, in a tight nutshell, how we came to be punk-rockers, that we would always perform at every show on the road with a lot of room for improvisation. Because of this, new quirks and eventually whole new instrument parts and noise sections were added. Since the song is about running away from problems, I would often incorporate new lyrics about some new crazy shit I wanted to leave behind in the last town we just played a show at." [Alvarez] By the time they got back to Los Angeles, this song had involved into a very eclectic flavored mash-up of stories, accents, styles and tones. Always starting and ending with such a simple melody, the subtle and ever-building loops create a fuzzy, pastel-feeling wall of sound similar to many of the masterful moments beloved by millions in My Bloody Valentine recordings.

'Wrong Vaxine' (coming this January!) is a creepily serious noise track about a very dark time. "When we finally got back to LA, all of our friends' community houses had been shut down. Everyone had to get jobs and find small places or move back home and thus there were less shows and less cool places to crash. It was back to squeezing in the van, push-starting it to run away from the cops and all the other harsh but boring realities we had all been running away from for so long, like... going to the doctors. I finally signed up for Obamacare and went to get a free check up at which point they misdiagnosed me cervical cancer. For two weeks, I was living out of my van drinking a crazy amount of antibiotics and pills, trying to stay healthy by constantly making tea on my hot plate and sprouting beans from my dashboard, all the while thinking I was dying. Our live performances during this time were very intense, dark, purely noise-sets that often would end with someone from the audience trying to comfort me because it seemed like I was on the brink of suicide. Luckily, when I went back for the check-up two weeks later there was no sign of any cancer. Angry as hell but relieved, I wrote this song." [Alvarez] A powerful memoir in deed, it manages to have just enough pop elements to stay in your head like some of the best from Jay Reatard, The Pixies or G.G. Allin.

'These Lil Tits' (coming this January!) is the slightly comically juxtaposed ray of sunshine at the end of this long and strange journey, recounting a time when Cami's mom promised her a very surprising high-school graduation present. The intro transitions you smoothly but quickly into such a different place it almost feels eerie. Cami's voice echo's every male-lead heart-throb band since the 50's, but in typical Cami-fashion, leaves us curious of her tone at the very last second. Could this sweet and easily relate-able track get thousands of more people down with the Period Bomb? We'll find out very soon!

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